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Monday 14 March 2016

Natter night 14th March 2016.

Once again a very busy night with all sorts of Bonsai work going on.

I started with this Acer Palmatum, which needed a repot, but I had to wait until the buds were starting to swell.

Which they are at the moment.

This tree was indeed in need of a repot when you see the roots it has.

After the circular roots had been taken off there were still too many so it was reduced even more.

Back in the same pot, but with much more room to grow.

Margery's Flowering Cherry was also repotted.

Ken did some pruning on this Blackthorn.

Andy worked on a Maple.

John brought a Boxwood to be carved.

This tree was dead down one side with a large stump on top. The stump on the left I have left for John to practice on.

Just a basic block carving which will be refined at a later date.

Another busy but productive night.

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