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Monday 9 May 2016

Natter night 9th May 2016.

We had another great night as the weather was very kind to us, so we could have a good natter in the garden.

Once again Ken brought two trees to work on, this first one a Hawthorn, has been here before and was due another clip.

No sooner said than done, nice job Ken.

Ken's second tree, this unusual Azalea just needed the wire removed.

New girl to my natter night Susan brought this Birch to see if it could be repotted into a Bonsai pot, but as it is so far out it would be better to leave it as is until next spring and not stress it so much.

It does not show so well in the photos but this tree has great potential for the future.

Also ready for it's first clip of the season, my Hawthorn group.

It does not take long to do but makes such a difference to it.

A good night once more.

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