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Monday 11 July 2016

Natter night 11th July 2016.

The thing I really enjoy about natter night is the diversity of trees that turn up, from starter trees to much more mature trees. Plus the camaraderie of the people who keep on turning up each week.

Andy P was the first to get trees clipped, a small Cotoneaster.

After work was done.

A small Squamata juniper which needs some wire.

All that was done was a light prune.

As was this juniper.

Again it needs to be wired.

A nice Shohin Chinese Elm.

This flowering Cherry was cut back quite hard to promote some back budding.

Next up were two of Johns trees, I think this one was an English Elm.

After some branches were shortened.

This garden center Juniper was wired and then tweaked.

Starting to take shape.

Boxie gave Sue S a hand with her Chinese Juniper.

Paul M also brought a couple of trees to work on.

This variegated Juniper is taking shape at last, not an easy tree to style as it grows very slowly.

Another of Kens Hawthorns was also clipped a little.

A lot of  good work done tonight.


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