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Monday 25 July 2016

Natter night 25th July 2016.

Yet another busy day, but time to chill out with my visitors tonight working on Bonsai.

Ken's Hawthorn was the first to be worked on with a bit of selective pruning.

After pruning the pads are a little more defined.

This Rowen which was air layered by John G was pruned back quite hard to promote some back buds.

Looks quite severe but a good thing to do.

These two Shohin Juniper belong to Sue S, who has started to wire and hopefully will be finished next week.

Finally tonight is this Chinese Juniper, which Paul M brought, was wired and styled.

As some of the branches were quite leggy they were removed and the rest were placed to create a Litterati style.

All in all a good night's work.

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