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Monday 6 March 2017

Re-potting a Procumbens Juniper.

I have just finished re-potting a Procumbens Juniper this morning and even remembered to take photos from start to finish.

I start by sieving and grading my compost.




The left over dust.

Now the tree, the tying wires are cut.

Out of the pot and inspect the root ball.

Comb out the roots.

Use clean sharp shears to trim the roots.

Prepare pot with mesh and tying wires.

A layer of larger compost for drainage.

A small heap of medium compost.

The tree is then worked into the pot and the tying wire is nipped up just enough to hold it in place.

Then gently work new compost into the pot to make sure there are no air pockets.

A final tighten of the tying wire.

A top dressing is then applied.

A good water then place back on the display bench.

Well that is how I repot trees.

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