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Monday 15 May 2017

Natter night 15th May 2017.

The rain abated for a while tonight allowing us to spread out into the garden.

The night started with Boxie when he brought this very nice Juniper to be photographed in it's new Stone Monkey pot.

Another of Boxie's, this time a Satsuki Azalea in full flower.

Ken brought his Yew to pass on to Susan as he thinks it will thrive better out of the strong winds that he get up at his home.

A very nice tree.

Another of Ken's, this Cascade Hawthorn.

After a little clip and even less wire it is looking a bit tidier. It is also producing flower's for the first time.

Susan brought this Common Juniper for some advice about pruning.

Finally John's Juniper which is in the process of some severe bending, it seems to be working well.

Quite a busy night with good company.

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