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Wednesday 14 June 2017

A day at Ken's.

Today Boxie and myself had a day out at Ken's home, to do some work for him.

Not Bonsai, but Bonsai related, sort of !

The first job was to install a water feature he had bought.
We started by pulling back the stones and cutting the membrane, then to dig a hole for the water tank.The big black thing behind Mike.

Up to our eyeballs in muck, but we still found time to enjoy the banter.

The water feature does not look a lot, just a bowl in the gravel, but looked very nice when connected up and running.
The next job was to erect a stone bench, I caught Ken checking it was level.

We also moved his balancing stones and a stone lantern.

Just some plants to put in now. Note the balancing stones on the far right.

Ken was very pleased with the new look,

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