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Thursday 14 September 2017

Bonsai tools.

When I first started to do Bonsai I did not have much money, so I could not afford to spend much on tools.

These are the first tools I bought some thirty years ago.
From the left, long handled shears, wire cutters, knob cutter and root pruning shears.
They were all quite cheap, but if you look after them they will serve you well, as I still use them every time I work on trees.

They need to be kept clean and sharp.
To do this I use cleaning blocks to remove any resin that has built up on the blades.
Then they are sharpened using either of these two tools{ bottom of photo.}

I then cover with a light coat of Camellia oil, to keep them free from rust.

Nowadays I have some stainlees steel tools, but still use my old ones more often.

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  1. yep, have my old favorites too got great stainless ones now but still find myself using my old trusty's