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Thursday 19 October 2017

Bonsai Thursday with Dave and Boxie.

A very interesting day exploring the rot in a Spruce that belongs to Boxie. It was decided to do an emergency repot as the rot was in the bottom of the trunk before it had gone to far.

The only way to remove the tree from the original pot without causing more damage was with a hammer.

The new pot prepared ready for the tree with a good drainage layer and some charcoal, to keep the compost sweet.

Some rot in the base was removed and the good wood that was left was treated with sealant to stop further rot.

Cleaning the root ball before potting.

The inside of the trunk was also treated .

In the new pot it will go back into the shade house to recover.

It will need a lot more work, but that will be left untill the tree shows good signs of growth.

At least now we know what is happening in amongst the roots.

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