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Wednesday 4 April 2018

Natter night 2nd April 2018.

I am sorry for the delay on this post, as I was very busy over the Easter break.
Stephen's Maple.
This small Maple was the first task for the night, as you can see it had been air layered last year amd now was the time to remove it from the tree.

Once removed this photo shows some very good roots.

The tree now looks more balanced.

The layered part also a nice small image.

Andy's Mugo.
This small pine was brought for it's start to become a Bonsai.

It was thinned out.

Then opened up to allow light in to allow some back bud's to develop.

Ken's Scots pine.
This pine was in need of a repot.

The root system was very compacted, so had to be opened up .

Ken prepared the pot with mesh and tying wires.

Returning the tree to the pot.

The final image, looking very nice.

It was a very good night with very good company and banter.

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