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Monday 25 June 2018

Natter night 25th June 2018.

Hot Hot Hot.
Pizza and chips among the Bonsai was the way the evening started tonight

Then a new boy, Robert W, arrived with this very nice Itoigawa juniper.

I showed him how to clean all the dead foliage out and left him to it.

The next job was to show him how to apply wire, which he did very well for a first timer.

The tree now is starting to look more like a Bonsai. Robert is going to wire the rest of the tree at home then bring it back to be finished off.

Returning newbie Graham brought another Pine, also for a lesson on wiring, this time from Boxy.

Aided by Robert Porch, who graced us with a visit from Glasgow.

As it was very hot they went outside to do the tweaking.

Ken M brought another Juniper which he clipped out a little.

Then Robert P clipped a little more.

Yet another very good night's work, with good company.

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