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Monday 10 September 2018

Natter night 10th September 2018.

Despite the weather [ it is chucking it down ] there was four visitors turned up for the first Bonsai night since my holiday.
Graham brought this Taxus, which has grown quite a lot since it was last worked on.

So after a good look at it, Graham started to add some wire.

Meanwhile Ken brought his Juniper group back for yet another good clip out, which he and Boxy set about.

After clipping Ken needed a cup of tea to recover.

Almost there with the Taxus.

Finished for now and looking much neater.

Ken also brought this Picea, which has just been saved from a garden, to see if it would be any good as a Bonsai. Yes it will be when it recovers from the collection process.

The rain tried to dampen the night, but we still had a really good time.

Nice to be with friend's working on Bonsai once more.

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