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Wednesday 13 February 2019

Bonsai Wednesday.

Tonight I got back into the swing of normality when John and Tony came over for a Bonsai night.

Tony was the first to arrive with his Tanuki Juniper, which was in need of some work on the drift wood, it was starting to get soft in places. So I got him to give it a coat of tree resin to put some body back into the wood.

It will be left for a couple of days to soak in, then will be given a good coat of lime sulpher to protect from further damage.

Then John came with this Larch, which belongs to Alan J who lives next door to him.
It needed to be given some wire and a basic styling.

So I got started.

Finally this basic image emerged.

We looked for a pot for it, not now,
 but for the Spring time.

A good night's work.

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  1. love your blog Ray been following for a few years now wish i lived closer i would like to meet you boys regards kip