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Monday 27 May 2019

Ken's day with Robert.

Today it was Ken's turn to have Robert Porch in his garden for the sole purpose of learning about the future refinement of his Bonsai.
The entrance to the decked area.

As is usual Robert has a walk and talk about the collection he has been called in to look at.

Ken's garden is good for taking sneaky photos.

Boxy was tasked with wiring this nice White Pine.

I was given the job of planting yet another Buxus in Ken's Japanese garden, as well as tidying a couple of the smaller trees .

The trees on the display benches.

Robert the took over from Boxy, to do his magic on the Pine.

Taking shape very nicely.

Almost there, but as I had to leave to get ready for my Natter night, I did not get a finished photo.

Yet another really good day with very good company.

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