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Wednesday 9 October 2019

Natter night 7th October 2019.

Once again I have been very busy and not had enough time to do my blog.

Now I have stopped for the day here is my post from Monday night.

The evening started off on a good note with the weather on our side.

Boxy took the opportunity to wash the trunk and Shari on this Juniper.

High pressure washer.

After a clean and a coat of lime sulpher.

Kevin brought back this Australian Pine to get the cut off stump made more natural.

Turned into Jin, it now looks better.

Ken's second Common Juniper.

After a trim.

Graham's Litterati Juniper was also worked on.

The pads were opened up a little.

We also had a visit by Peter Thorn from Bonnie Scotland, who was doing a wood carving course near by.

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