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Monday 6 January 2020

Natter night 06 01 2020.

Some really good work done tonight with plenty of visitors.
Ken M brought his Fir tree for some Winter clean up work.

He had plenty of help. Thats what I like about these nights everybody helps each other.

Looking a lot better after some work.

Next is Kevin's new Hornbeam, which he had partially wired.

So he and Boxy carried on with it.

Boxy then did the tweaking, what a very nice wind swept image. Well done lads.

Finally this Itoigawa juniper has had some work done this week.

We decided to go with this as the new viewing angle.

All done for now, just some tender loving care for a while until it recovers.

A lot of  banter once again, but a really good night.

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