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Sunday 26 February 2017

More potting.

I think I have now got all of my larger trees repotted, unless I think of another,the latest two I have just finished this morning.

This Acer Palmatum was potted on just last year, but already it is pushing up from the pot.

The small pot was the one it was in before it was placed into the larger one.

After combing out the roots I placed it back in the pot just to show how much root it had produced in one year.

The roots that were removed to allow more room for regrowth this year.

Back in the pot and ready for another good year.


My Hawthorn Group has been in this Walsall pot for about Ten years and I think it is about time for a repot.

After taking it out of the pot I removed quite a lot of the roots, some of which had thickened a lot.

After placing back in the pot I think it will benefit from some fresh compost.

Now I only have some of my smaller trees to do.

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