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Monday 18 April 2016

Natter night 18th April 2016.

As is usual on a Monday I tend to start early working on trees, so today was just a normal day as I did some repotting on a couple of what I hope will be Mame trees.

Same photo with a lighter added for scale, I will wire and style when I know the trees have settled into their new pots.

John G brought his Lonicera for a bit more styling.

With help from Mike R it is taking shape.

It was decided to remove the lower left branch to make it more of a Litterati style.

Ken M brought his Larch to show us how well it is growing. after showing him which new buds to remove, { this being the ones facing downwards } I left him to get on with it.

Next is Ken's Scots Pine, which just needs a small bit of bud selection and a little wire added.

It still needs a bit more wire added but is taking shape nicely.

We got through quite a lot tonight.

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