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Saturday 19 May 2018

A day at Wattston Bonsai.

Today Boxie and I had a day out at Wattston Bonsai, to attend a talk by Mark Conn from Northern Ireland about growing very small trees.

Mark's talk and slide show about Shohin and Mame sized trees was very informative and eye opening on how to cultivate and grow them.

A very nice Maple.

A Pyracantha.

A Northofagus.

All the trees above were grown by air Layers.

Just to prove that the sun does shine in Scotland, oh look outside it's that man again, he turns up every where.

A couple of photos inside the poly tunnels.

If you are looking for a special tree you could find it here, Like this White Pine raft/clump style.
A really nice image.

What a great day out with a warm welcome from the locals.
Thanks people.

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