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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Wednesday Bonsai.

Wednesday once more , we seem to get one every week now , so once again Tony and John came over to talk and do Bonsai.

I again started a little early, while waiting for them to arrive, on this Itoigawa juniper.

After wiring and placing branches it looks more compact and refined.

John brought this Pine for some advice about the condition and health. It does look a bit on the yellow side, so I suggested a spray with Epsom salts and a good feed. I hope I was right.

Tony is turning into a joiner making him self a spool holder for his wire.

A bit of work to do, another report when he gets finished.

A quick demo, to keep John from falling asleep, this Willow which grew wild in a garden pot, was twisted together to form a trunk, then wired to allow sever bending of the rest of the branches.

Hey presto, a weeping tree emerging.

It can only get better.

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