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Tuesday 8 May 2018

Watering Bonsai.

During the hot weather we have been having lately, we have been discussing the watering of our trees. I have for a long time relied on the hosepipe with an adjustable head on, but with the small heatwave we have had, I have been watering twice a day.
Morning and evening.

When watering yesterday I noticed one tree seemed to be having trouble soaking up water, so I examined the compost and found it to be very hard and compacted, as a result I repotted the tree and found even though it had just been soaked { at least I thought it had ] it was still quite dry inside the root ball.
So a different approach was needed, this is the answer to make sure the trees have enough water.
A container big enough to completely dunk the pot in, so the top of the compost is below water level.
This has a double effect of expelling the old air out when placed into the water and when lifted out, when the bubbles stop, the draining water draws fresh air back into the pot.

Watering this way you know that all the compost in the pot has it's share of moisture.

I have also started to clip this Boulevard Cypress after leaving it for about eighteen months to regain some strength.

Still a lot to remove and some wiring to do.

After all this work it now looks like it is going to rain.

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