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Thursday 29 June 2017

An afternoon at Ken's.

This afternoon Ken M had a workshop at his home with Robert Porch, so Boxie and I tagged along to help.

Robert and Ken started on this quite large Pine, which only had it's first styling last year.

There was quite a lot of foliage removed, as this photo shows.

But even so it looks much fuller than before.

Back on it's new plinth that Boxie and I put together while the tree was being styled.

The view from the other side.

Robert has a final look to make sure everything is in place, which it was. This photo also shows a second plinth for a water feature.

This is why it rained all day, Boxie doing a rain dance.

Another tree worked on today, a nice Yew.

After a little tuition and a clip.

Robert also gave Ken some advice on this really nice Scot's Pine.

A wet but very enjoyable afternoon.
 The chilli was very good to Ken.

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