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Monday 19 June 2017

Natter night 19th June 2017.

Best night ever for heat and sunshine, so we made good use of it and worked in the garden all night.

Susan's tree for tonight this Pisifera,  [Sulpher spray ] looked like a ball, but Susan wanted it more open with pads to make it more like a tree.

So after I had removed quite a lot of unwanted foliage the trunk now stands out better. Susan will now wire the tree and bring it back next week for a tweak.

This tree had us scratching our heads as to what it was.Andy told us it is  known as the Woolly Willow, one of the Salix family.

Another one of Andy's Larch was wired and started on it's way to becoming a cascade style tree.

Ken M brought his Larch for a mid season tidy up

Which kept me busy for quite a good part of the evening, but the end result was worth the work.

Paul M also brought a Larch for some advice about styling. Ken suggested a raft style but as Paul has limited space he decided to leave it upright, so it will be left to grow for another season to improve the trunk size.

Not much work being done here, but it was nice to be able to sit in the sun shine.

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