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Thursday 8 June 2017

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

The day started off quite good when I looked at the time it was 6.45 , which for me is a good lie in, I must have needed the sleep.
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Then while making my coffee I spotted these two Gold Finches on the feeder.

The weather on the other hand was dismal, but it makes the trees look good.

While waiting for Dave to arrive I got a little bored so I tried some balancing stones.

I then got this piece of slate in to dry out and started to  dry it with a small blow torch and discovered I can draw.

The only trouble is it totally dried and disappeared.

Today's project with Dave, another piece of Bogwood and slate to be brought together.

But as the weather was very bad, I could not shape the slate, but as soon as it dries up it will be done.

I then started to put this post on my blog, when the postman came with a prezzie from that nice man Ben Mcnulty.

A nice pot for my collection.

Really nice pot Ben thanks once again.

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