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Thursday 22 June 2017

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

Once again when Dave arrived he brought some thing with him to work on.

This Cotoneaster, which is about two feet from side to side, was in a stone trough in a garden close to where he lives and as the lady had moved out and did not want the plant, but did want the trough, it is now planted up in a tray to grow on for the rest of this season. If everything goes to plan we will do a repot in the spring time and do a basic styling then.

He also brought some small ferns which have been planted into this bogwood landscape.

Here is a photo of a Hosta in flower, this Hosta and pot were given to me by Ben McNulty a few weeks ago and seem to be growing well.

Another Hosta flowering well.

I have been practicing my stone balancing again.

I must get some bigger stones.

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