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Monday 5 June 2017

Natter night 5th June 2017.

Well there was no need to water the trees tonight as the rain was persistent all evening.

We still had a good night with plenty of work done.

First job tonight for me was to clean out this Chinese juniper for Brian T. It has not been worked on for a while after an emergency repot a couple of years ago.

It is now more open and will be given a good feed this season to get it ready for a workshop with Bjorn Bjorholm in October.

Ken M brought his Cork Bark Elm back for it's first clip of the year

Good job done Ken looks much tidier.

One of Andy's two Larch that was given a small bit of styling.

After wiring and tweaking.

The second one had the same work done.

After work.

Paul M brought these two small Maples to work on.

This second one had a few branches removed.

Despite the rain we still enjoyed the night's get together.

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